Nantucket Basket Pendant with Scrimshaw

SKU: 6119

An homage to the traditional Nantucket lightship baskets, our exclusive Nantucket Basket pendant is handmade in our shop and features a hinged pendant bail handle & top lid with your choice of scrimshaw top. Per tradition, each basket includes a 14k gold lucky penny inside!

We are proud to offer nine scrimshaw designs all handscrimmed by third-generation artist & scrimshander Jade Gotauco of Gotauco Scrimshaw based in New Bedford, MA. Each piece of antique scrimshaw at minimum 125 years old, but many are fossilized (at least 10,000 years old). All materials have been documented with Fish & Wildlife under the Gotauco name, and they strictly adhere to the regulations set forth by Federal and State laws. 

  • 18.0 x 14.0 x 14.0 mm
  • Available in white or rose gold by special order